Doncaster Kindergarten offers an educational and non-profit community service to families with young children by providing preschool programs for one 3 year old group and two 4 year old groups.


At Doncaster Kindergarten we believe that all children have the right to experience the wonder of childhood, to grow and to investigate through rich quality play in a warm and respectful environment which reflects the diversity of our community. Children are encouraged to become confident and involved learners and effective communicators.


We provide a combination of open ended and educator led experiences that promote creativity, socialisation, problem solving and exploration. Our kindergarten provides an opportunity for pre -school aged children to participate in a program designed to promote their physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth.


Our programs are planned by educators based on areas of interest to the children, educators and families, and the development of concepts and skills. There is emphasis on learning through play and a wide range of “free choice” and educator lead “group activities” are provided.

Letitia Grgic


Letitia is a dedicated and caring teacher who has been teaching our 3 year old group here at Doncaster Kindergarten for the past 8 years, and has been educating young children in a variety of settings for over 18 years. Letitia holds a Diploma of Teaching ( Early Childhood) from The University of Melbourne. She also has the rewarding task of being the Nominated Supervisor for the Kindergarten and Educational Leader, where she mentors and guides the other educators in delivering high quality educational programs for all children. Letitia also has a family of her own and knows the importance of early education for children. She is passionate about delivering quality programs so that all children can develop to their fullest potential.

Elva (4).jpg
Elva Liu


My name is Elva, and I am the teacher of the ​4-year-old Yellow group. I am originally from China. I speak Mandarin and English. I have been fortunate to have lived in New Zealand for over 10 years and in Australia for almost six years. My life experiences have given me a greater understanding of multicultural Australia through learning in-depth about other cultures and languages, which has provided me with a rich source of inspiration and resources which I use in my teaching. I completed my Graduate Diploma of Teaching in Early Childhood at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. I have been working in a range of long day care services across New Zealand and Australia over the last 8 years. I love working and playing with children, listening to their laughter and watching them grow. I aim to provide a range of learning experiences with high expectations, in order to achieve the best outcomes for every child.

Meg Kentell


Meg Kentell who is originally from New Zealand has been working as an Early Childhood Teacher in Melbourne on a long term relief and emergency basis for the last six years. she has taught in a range of centres including kindergartens, childcare centres, and private early learning centres. Meg holds a Bachelor in Education in Early Childhood and a Bachelor of Arts in Education and Psychology. Meg has a wonderful way with children and is well loved by them.

Carina Li


Carina Li is one of the Co-Educators in one of our 4 year old programs. She holds a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care and is currently studying for her Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Management. Prior to working at Doncaster Kindergarten, she was a Learning and Development Officer with Price Waterhouse Coopers. She values each child as a unique individual and has a passion for fostering them to develop holistically. Carina is a mother of two young children and knows the importance of their early education.